awareness camp

Organizing general medical camps and providing medical facilities.

Organization arranged general medical camps at various places like different residential areas, factories, construction sites. In this camp, experts do checkup of people. Information like age, lifestyle, family background, and type of diet is collected in medical examination. After proper examination of each one, organization provides necessary arrangement and guidance so as to where one can get free or low-cost treatment if he/she shows symptoms of any illness.

Free medical facilities are given to labourers and children by SuryaShobhaVandana Foundation. Necessary checkups are conducted by organization by organizing medical camps at various places. In which, general checkup is done by keeping in mind the height and weight of the children.

General Medical Camp

Medicines and hospital facilities are made available to economically backward and poor people. Along with this, we help and assist the families of the patients for ration kits. 

Along with nutrition camp, camps for special children by expert doctor are organized by organization to ensure there is no defect in overall development of children. In which, children are given free check-up and necessary medicines and also hospital facilities are provided for further treatment. 

Help for Medicines

Families, whose financial condition is not good and can’t afford to buy medicines, are provided medical facility by organization. In which, many people contact organization through social media and are provided facilities by organization. These families are not only given medical facilities but also ration for their household.

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