Project Vatsalya – Malnutrition

Malnutrition has long been a concern for the Suryashobhavandna foundation's "Project Vatsalya" initiative. The group is also organizing medical camps to conquer malnutrition in Gujarat.

General Medical Camp

We organize these types of medical camps at different places like different residential areas, factories, and construction sites. In these types of camps, check-ups are conducted by various experts.

Awareness Camping

Considering the severity of malnutrition in Gujarat, the organization conducts awareness camps in different settlements and slum areas to inform the mothers of children about the severity of malnutrition. Along with this, nutrition biscuits are distributed to the children.



All basic education needs of more than 30 children of trafficked women in Tharad are catered by the institute. So that the future of these children can move forward in the right direction.

Providing Assistance to Underprivileged Schools

Addressing basic needs at educational institutions. wherein the organization executes responsibilities like providing a computer lab, a RO plant and water cooler, lavatory facilities, etc.

Sponsor Child

Considering a survey in 305 schools, it was found that students who are unable to pay school fees drop out after class eight. In that, children from economically backward families are sponsored by the organization.


Plantation of trees

Planted more than 10 thousand trees in different areas of Gujarat. Took the responsibility of maintaining the trees for three years after planting till birds can build their nests.

Water recharging

The organization's initiative is to prevent future water scarcity by raising the groundwater table. In conjunction with AMC, operations were conducted for more than 100 Ahmedabad societies.

Creating a Dense Forest

Dense Forest is created by planting trees in a large area by SSV Foundation. In which Dense Forest is prepared by planting a large number of trees in collaboration with different GIDCs and a big responsibility of environmental protection is fulfilled.

Women Empowerment

Project Diva

Project Diva has been started with the aim of providing employment to the women and helping the cows. By producing and selling goods made from the cow's calf dung, the organization aims to help the gaushala and the women entrepreneur.

Local For Vocal

At various railway stations of the state, stalls have been made available under Local for Vocal, and women have gained a foothold by selling their products.

Comming Soon

SSVFoundation is working in the field of women's development. In which project diva and 'Local for Vocal' will make entrepreneurial women on foot. To work for the upliftment of women from economically backward classes. You will see other such women development projects here in the future.


Distribution of Ration Kits.

Organization distributes nutritional ration kits to economically backward classes and needy persons. Till now more than 1500 ration kits have been distributed in different areas of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Distribution of Tarpaulins, Mosquito Nets, E-night Lamps and Basic Necessities.

SuryaShobhaVandana Foundation has distributed basic services like tarpaulin (tadpatri), mosquito net, night lamp, and ration kits in different areas in Ahmedabad.

Green Club Activities

In more than 10 schools of Ahmedabad, SuryaShobhaVandana Foundation has started Green club.

Clothes and Blankets Distribution

Organization respectfully distributes clothes and blankets among cleanliness workers, security guards, women who carry luggage(Vaitru), children etc..

Distribution of Socks

In winter season, people who are not lucky enough to have slippers, have been distributed socks. Organization has distributed more than 20,000 socks to various schools and different areas.

Flag Distribution

On 15th August and 26th January patriotic programs are organized and flag distribution was conducted.

Khichdi Distribution

'Anna Daan, Maha Daan...' Khichdi is distributed to the family living on the road, pedestrians and poor families. The organization works as a service by distributing khichdi and buttermilk in different areas of the city by providing food to the hungry.

Shiksha Daan - A Book Distribution

Books are distributed free of cost by the organization for the economically backward and meritorious children in studies. In which the book of Extra Study Material and General Knowledge is given. The books are distributed among meritorious children from poor families and returned to the institute after studying them.

Comming Soon

SuryaShobhaVandana Foundation carries out a lot of service activities. Social service work is done through various activities. Thus in the future you will see new activities here.
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