Distribution of Basic Necessities

Distribution of Tarpaulins, Mosquito Nets, E-night Lamps and Basic Necessities.

Many people living on roadside don’t even have roof over their heads. They have to face many difficulties in monsoons. Due to waterlogging and extreme dirtiness in rainy seasons, there is possibility of mosquito-borne diseases, whose seriousness is understood very well by SuryaShobhaVandana Foundation. Therefore, facilities are provided to such people by distributing tarpaulin (tadpatri), mosquito net, night lamp, and ration kits.

SuryaShobhaVandana Foundation has distributed basic services like tarpaulin (tadpatri), mosquito net, night lamp, and ration kits in different areas like Paldi, Ghatlodia, near Nagri hospital in Ahmedabad.

To be more and more helpful to such people, organization needs all of your support. With your support, we can be helpful to people living in difficult situations. So that, you can also help these people by joining us.

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