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SuryaShobhaVandana Foundation

The main object of the SuryaShobhaVandana Foundation is that financially weak persons get health and education and provide facilities to bring women into the mainstream and make women self-sufficient. This institution is also fighting against the effects of climate change through tree plantations.

Tree Plantation

Life is influenced by the surroundings. Environmental concerns are shared by people everywhere. We are aware that conserving the environment is vital for life. The following are the actions that the organization does to protect the environment. Planting trees is going to turn out to be one weapon towards climate change. Next, by establishing and preserving several native tree species, the organization works to offer protection against climate change. The organization is aware of how severe environmental issues are.
Tree Planted

Save Water

Existence is found in the water. However, there are currently situations where water is being pulled out of the ground by meters, and an extensive part of Gujarat is in danger. The organization then realizes the serious nature of the water and works to conserve the ground's water. The organization's initiative is to prevent future water scarcity by raising the groundwater table.Recharging water in schools was used as a means of clarifying the significance of water to future generations. A red alert has been issued for many parts of Gujarat. which the organization understands to be serious.
Save Water
200 Liter

Project Vatsalya

SuryaShobhaVandana Foundation has started Suposhan Abhiyaan under Project Vatsalya. To make Gujarat free from malnutrition, organization arranges medical camps. In which children from Vasahats were adopted by organization, checked up by expert doctors and were given necessary medicines and within three months they became nourished. As a result, weight of children increased and very good growth was observed. Malnutrition has long been a concern for the SSV foundation's "Project Vatsalya" initiative. The group is also organizing medical camps to conquer malnutrition in Gujarat.

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