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Nutrition is an essential requirement for a healthy life. A proper diet at the primary stage of life is necessary for development, expansion, and activeness. Low weight, protein deficiency in children, not getting a proper diet, and insufficient vitamins & minerals symptoms fall under malnutrition. Children suffering from malnutrition appear smaller than their age. The effects of malnutrition are that the body always remains exhausted, hair and skin become dry, swelling of gums, tooth decay, expansion of the stomach, irritability, muscle pain, and decreased eyesight. On account of this physical and mental development of a child is stopped. As per one of the Indian Council of Medical Research reports, the death of children up to the age of 5 years is malnutrition. To date, 68.2% of death of a child less than five years of age occurs on account of malnutrition. Malnutrition is a big problem in India. We are conducting surveys to fight against malnutrition. So that we can learn how many children are having this problem in different areas. And get these children examined by expert doctors and try to come out of this problem. Make malnutrition-free India.

The first such center will be established in Ahmedabad where malnourished children will be given adequate treatment in the presence of specialist doctors until the malnourished children become normal, the treatment will be given free of charge. In this center, more than 1000 children will be treated in 1 year Gujarat ranks second in the number of malnutrition in India. We intend to do so. We have launched a campaign to bring down the rate of malnutrition by giving treatment to children in Gujarat. If children remain malnourished. Throughout their lives, these children remain weak in education and work.

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