Tree Plantation

Planted more than 12 thousand trees in different areas of Gujarat.
  1. Took the responsibility of maintaining the trees for three years after planting till birds can build their nests.
  2. Trees of indigenous species are given more preference.
  3. To carry out tree plantation operations in different areas and GIDCs.

SuryaShobhaVandana foundation has planted trees in various areas including Ahmedabad in the last one year. Along with it the responsibility of preserving the trees was accepted. In which till now more than 12 thousand trees are planted and are taken care of.

Tree plantation is the only solution against climate change and environmental degradation.

Planting trees is going to turn out to be one weapon towards climate change. Next, by establishing and preserving several native tree species, the organization works to offer protection against climate change. The organization is aware of how severe environmental issues are.

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