Sponsor Child

To help children who drop out of studies due to not being able to pay the fees.

In today’s competitive environment, it is imperative that every child gets quality education. Technology affects every aspect of life. Children coming from economically weaker families study in government schools. We are working to make such a school more convenient. Modern resources are trying to make the education of children in school more interesting by using resources. Through this, the number of children dropping out of school can be reduced and such basic knowledge will be useful for children to get higher education.

Our organisation is working in 350 schools. According to the survey, it was found that due to fees after class VIII, many students who are not financially sound leave their studies incomplete. So we are trying to ensure that the child’s studies continue. So that after completing the study, he can change the situation of the house by doing a job. In which help was provided by the organization of Janish Palan, a very bright son of 13-14 years of age from a family with a normal economic condition of Porbandar

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