Educational Support Services

Providing Assistance to Underprivileged Schools

Education can change the lives of seven generations along with changing one’s own life. Suryashobhavandana Foundation is doing the same work of change. Suryashobhavandana Foundation provides educational facilities to students in needy schools. In which computers, RO plant and water cooler for children to get proper drinking water are provided by the organization. Efforts are made to fulfill all the basic needs.

Addressing basic needs at educational institutions. wherein the organization executes responsibilities like providing a computer lab, a RO plant and water cooler, lavatory facilities, etc.

Computer Lab

Computer lab facility is provided by SuryaShobhaVandana Foundation in remote area schools where children study but do not have computer facilities. Through which children get computer knowledge and every student can benefit from technological education.

Apart from this, if the school has small or large needs, it is delivered by SuryaShobhaVandana Foundation. In which ten computers were given to Hanspura Primary School in Ahmedabad. Besides, two other computers were given to a school in Kheda.

RO Plant and Water Cooler

More than 200 children study in Adarsh Nivasi School at Tharad. The issue of drinking water has been a concern of the school children for a long time now. Children did not have proper access to clean drinking water and due to the high salinity of the water, children were prone to health problems. SuryaShobhaVandana foundation, realizing the problem of children, arranged an RO plant and a cooler for cold water.

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