"Maa No Kholo" Hostel​

Wadia village of Banaskantha depends on flesh trade for livelihood. The bitter reality is that the women of their own homes are pushed into this flesh trade. Education will prove to be the only true way to stop this practice. SuryaShobhaVandana Foundation has tried to empower the society by providing proper education to the children of women involved in the flesh trade of Wadia village. So that the children of forced women who are victims of economic and social evils do not have to suffer such evils, SuryaShobhaVandana Foundation has taken responsibility for the education of these children. If there is enough education in the next generation, then no one will have to suffer from pollution like prostitution in the future.

SuryaShobhaVandana Foundation is continuously working to provide hostel facility for more than 30 children of Wadia. The organization aims to free Wadia from the flesh trade in the future.

Along with education, all the basic needs of the children of the hostel run by Suryashobhandana Foundation are being fulfilled. If proper education facilities are provided to about 90 children of women involved in flesh trade in Wadia village, then Wadia village can be freed from the clutches of flesh trade.

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