Water Recharging & Harvesting

SuryaShobhaVandana Foundation works in the field of water recharging- harvesting for purpose of planting trees and raising ground water level to maintain balance in nature. SuryaShobhaVandana Foundation works on water recharging for raising ground water level and to overcome possible water shortage in future. In which, organization works for water recharging in schools, colleges, various societies and areas.

SuryaShobhaVandana Foundation is working with Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation to build percolating wells in societies of Ahmedabad city to raise groundwater level and to overcome future possible water scarcity. In which, with support of AMC, organization built a water recharging plant in the Ahmedabad school number 28. Along with that, a water calculator meter is installed to measure the amount of rain water drained into ground. After installing plant at school, more than 10,000 litres of water got absorbed in ground in 30 minutes of rain.

Keeping in mind the seriousness of water, organization works to keep water, which flows during rainy season, stored and drain it into ground. Water recharging will prove to be the best solution to the problem of waterlogging in the areas during monsoon season. Organization is working with Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation for building percolating wells in different societies of Ahmedabad city. With support of AMC, water recharging operation has started in more than 100 societies of Ahmedabad.

In conjunction with AMC, operations were conducted in more than 100 Ahmedabad societies.

The only source to recover water is to prevent rainwater from flowing into drains, rivers, canals, and to make percolating wells and store it underground for future usage. SuryaShobhaVandana Foundation, with support of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, is working on percolating wells in different societies of Ahmedabad. In which, to solve the problem of water logging in many areas during rainy season, organization is working on rainwater recharging in more than 100 societies.

A red alert has been issued for many parts of Gujarat. which the organization understands to be serious. The organization’s initiative is to prevent future water scarcity by raising the groundwater table. Recharging water in schools was used as a means of clarifying the significance of water to future generations.

What is water recharging & water harvesting?
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