Project Diva

SuryaShobhaVandana Foundation works in spheres like environment, education, health and saving water. SuryaShobhaVandana Foundation also works to set up lives of women with entrepreneurial skills who are economically-backward. To fulfil this, Project Diva was started which provided employment to women and also was helpful to cowshed (Gaushala).

Under Project Diva, through organization, more than 2500 diyas, incense stick and labh-shubh have been sold by more than 100 women, making them more capable in themselves. As and when the demand for these organic articles will increase, then and there organization will fulfil its objective by making women produce more thus, giving them more employment.

Women from different areas of Junagadh come together and make organic articles from cow dung of calves. These articles keep household’s environment clean and positive. More than 100 women make organic articles from cow dung of more than 200 calves. These organic articles include diyas, incense sticks, labh-shubh, etc. The motive behind women making organic articles through their hard work and selling it is to make them capable to stand up on their own and to help cowshed (Gaushala).

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